mashamoquet brook state park camping

Mashamoquet Brook State Park
Address: 147 Wolf Den Dr, Pomfret CT 06259
Phone: 860-928-6121
Time from Boston: 1 hour, 25 minutes (77 miles)

Camping at Mashamoquet Brook State Park

Camping in Connecticut can be an expensive proposition for Boston residents. The nightly camping fees are high, and they’re even higher for those who don’t reside in CT. But a few state parks there are cheaper than others.

Mashamoquet Brook State Park is located in the northeast part of Connecticut, near Route 44 in Pomfret. It’s less than a 90-minute commute from the center of Boston, so it’s certainly feasible as an overnight or weekend getaway.

One night of camping at Mashamoquet runs $14 for Connecticut residents and $24 for out-of-staters, in addition to the usual state fees that get piled on top of that ($9 for an advance reservation, $3 for walk-ups.)

What will you find at Mashamoquet? There are two campgrounds. The Wolf Den campground has 53 sites, with bathrooms and showers available. The Mashamoquet Brook campground is smaller, with only 20 sites in a wooded setting and composting toilets available. Fishing and hiking are available in each location, and pets are not allowed.

mashamoquet brook park

One thing to be aware of is that, because the campground is close to Route 44, chances are that you will be subjected to traffic noise during your stay. If your perfect camping experience cannot involve the sound of automobiles, Mashamoquet Brook may not be the ideal spot for you.

If you want a specific campsite in a particular location, see the official campground website linked above to check out the maps of each campground.

The hiking trails in this 1,000-acre park are solid, and there’s a lot of history as well. The park entrance used to be a cider mill, grist mill and wagon shop. The former grist mill is now a museum run by the Pomfret Historical Society.

Images: Creative Commons user jstephenconn