otter river state forest

Otter River State Forest
Address: 86 Winchendon Rd, Baldwinville, MA 01436
Phone: 978-939-8962
Time from Boston: 1 hour, 35 minutes (65 miles)

Camping at Otter River State Forest

Otter River State Forest is a solid camping option in north central Massachusetts, not far from the New Hampshire line. The forest offers 78 regular campsites, 3 group sites, and 4 yurts. There are three main camping areas. One of them has a shower building, while the other two do not.

Many of the campsites are centered around Beamon Pond, which has two beach areas for swimming during the warmer months. Water faucets can be found throughout the campground. If you plan to make a reservation online and want assistance choosing a spot, check out the entire campground map here.

I had a chance to camp at Otter River a couple years back and found it to be a pretty standard campground – nothing special, but certainly a good spot to get some peace and quiet away from the city. The park offers opportunities for fishing, picnicking, and hiking.

I took a short hike through the woods on one of the park’s trails during a relaxing afternoon, but otherwise I was content not to stray too far from my tent. On that particular day, frogs were abundant on the walking trails.

otter river campground

As of this writing, camping sites are available at Otter River State Forest for $12 for Massachusetts residents and $14 for those visiting from out of state. Small and large yurts are also an option, with prices ranging from $30-40.

In 1915, Otter River State Forest was the very first piece of land acquired by the State Forest Commission. As with many Boston-area campgrounds, the area is used for winter sports such as snowmobiling and cross-country skiing once the snow starts falling.

Images: Creative Commons users teagrrl, rizzzzzzzo